What is 146?

The Tool Story


In 1975, when I was born, my dad was a welder for a company called Valley Steel. He worked the graveyard shift to provide for my mother and me building massive cargo ships that traversed the Mississippi River and ultimately around the world.

One day when I was in his shop marveling at all the tools, I noticed one of his hammers lying on his work bench. It seemed to weigh 100 lbs to me at the time. In the head, I found an etching that read: 146. As I looked around at his other tools, I noticed the number on all of them! It made no sense, but considering I was forbidden to be in the shop unattended, I didn't mention it further. 

Some time later, when I was back in the shop (alongside him), I asked seeming puzzled, "Hey Dad, why do all your tools have 146 on them?" He told me, "Well son, back then there were hundreds of us welders, so we were all given a number. Mine was 146. We put that number on everything, all our work and all our tools. We did this so if there was any sort of failure in our welding, it would be clear who deserved the blame. I never wanted to be responsible for a catastrophe like a ship sinking and costing people their lives, so I made sure, if anyone ever saw the number 146, they would know it was my work and they could trust it."

My dad passed away on Father's Day 2019. As my siblings and I were out in his shop after his funeral, reminiscing and enjoying memories from days gone by, what did I find lying right out in the open on his work bench? The old 146 hammer from 40+ years ago.  

At 146digital, we live by the same creed when it comes to your digital marketing. We want to ensure that our work will take your business to heights you didn't think were possible. 

If you're unsure of your online needs, whether it be free-form digital, content creation, social media marketing, social selling or all of the above -- It is our mission to be certain that if 146 is on the work, you know you can trust it. 

Mick Essex

Chief Strategy Officer

The Hammer

The Hammer